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The society shall accept regular savings and special deposits from a member at a reasonable rate of return to such a member. These savings shall:

  • Be minimum savings of P300 per month.
  • Be used as collateral for loans.
  • Accumulate interest per annum as per profits made.


To qualify for a loan, one must be a member and a shareholder of Orapa SACCOS. All loans shall be paid through deductions from the member’s salary and shall not exceed 60% of the member’s basic salary, EXCEPT for the Quick loan. A member may opt to clear his/her loan at any time by using cash or offsetting the balance against his/her accumulated savings.

Long Term Loans

A member can get a loan with us of up to P500,000.00 payable in 10 years at 8% interest annual interest on balance. The amount one qualifies for is determined by their savings balances at time of application.

Quicky Loans

Popularly referred to as a Quickie, it’s up to P5000.00 payable once off and like its name, applied and credited into a client’s account within 24 hours of application.

Emergency Loans

One can get up to P50,000.00 as an emergency loan, payable in 2 years with interest.

Loan Insurance

Long term loans will be insured as per the total loan applied for.

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